Friday, March 18, 2011

sun + 12 degrees = letterboxing

It seems like forever since Hal and I have been letterboxing.  When I saw the weather forecast for today I packed up some snacks and dragged Hal out for an adventure.  Okay I didn't have to drag him too hard.  What a great day.  Hints of spring everywhere.

We went looking for 4 boxes today.  We found 2-1/2.  The half is because we located the box but it was frozen solid in its hidey hole so we left it for now.  We'll be back when the weather is warmer.  And only one box appeared to be missing.

We found Small Town Festivals:  St. George Applefest in St. George Ontario.

You can identify letterboxers because they are usually wandering around in the woods
trying to look like they belong there and
clutching a sheet of paper in their hands . . . LOL

 It took some serious figuring but we did manage to locate Ben's Beauty in Kitchener, Ontario

We are sure we located Beautiful Mountain Diamonds in Kitchener, Ontario but it was frozen solid and would not be budged.  We had a heck of a time solving the clues.  Of course neither of us speaks Italian. 

We believe Don't Feed the Ducks, Waterloo, ON is missing.  I hope we are wrong.  We had a great time following the clues.  We didn't see any lions though . . . LOL . . .

It was 9:30 pm by the time we got home.  We are tired, just a little wind-burnt, but what a great day together.  I think letterboxing is better than marriage counselling . . . you have to work as a team to solve these puzzles and you have someone else to share your accomplishments with when you crack the clues and find these lovely artistic treasures.

I hope we get back out again soon.  Happy trails everyone.  If you've never heard of letterboxing, check out

Nighty night,