Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Saturday Night . . .

With Hal's new cell phone he can call me free unlimited from anywhere in Canada.  So he's been averaging 3 calls or more each day . . . LOL . . . I guess he misses me.  His phone is hooked up with a blue tooth (I'm sure there is a technical way to say all this but even if I knew it I would already have forgotten it) so he just motors on down the highway chattering, pausing every once in a while to shift a gear until I finally say "Look Hal, I really need to get things done around here." 

Not that I don't love talking to him, but I'm not a great phone person.  Just ask any of my friends or relatives.  If I can talk to you through email rather than the phone, I will.  Or better yet, let's talk in person.  It's not that I don't want to communicate, it's just that the phone is an intrusion to my day.  Ooooooo that sounds kinda rude and I really wish I could think of a better way to say it.  But you know it too . . . the phone only rings when you are asleep, in the bathroom or when you are juggling 3 chores at the same time.  With email the conversation can happen at a pace that fits into everyone's schedule.

This little quirk of mine drives my children nuts, I hear.  But they are so busy and I never know when its a good time to call, so sending them an email when I want to know what's going on just seems simpler.  Greg is either at work or in the middle of coaching a basketball game.  I'm never sure what Tim's schedule and he is usually asleep or at work.  And besides, they both mumble when they talk on the phone.  See what I mean . . . email is simpler.  Same with Hal.  I don't know what his schedule is when he is driving.  When I spoke to him this afternoon he was just going off duty for 8 hours sleep . . . in the middle of the afternoon.  How am I supposed to keep up with everyone's schedule????? 

Yesterday my CTMH rep, Terry, dropped off some sale items I had purchased.  I've already had fun playing with some of my goodies.  You probably noticed all the rick rack and white letters on the layouts I posted yesterday.  I don't buy much scrapbooking stuff . . . except when there is a sale.  I just cannot resist a sale.  I have to say I really LOVE the alphabets.  You will see more of them on the layouts I will be posting at the end of this little essay. 

I had a lovely day today.  I picked up Mom and Nanna (I had the van) and we went to Michael's today with our 25% off coupons and had a great time picking up clearance priced paper and embellishments and then getting even more money taken off at the till . . . gotta love a good sale.  Nanna was fascinated with some little cameo buttons and I told her and Mom that I had just read that cameos and profiles are going to be "hot" for scrapbooking this year.  So Nanna bought them!  Thanks Nan!  Mom and I are going to split them.  We went to Tender Tootsie's which I am happy to say is not closing after all.  And then we went out for lunch at King's Buffet.  They really are putting more interesting selections on the buffet.  Today, along with all the usual suspects, there were stuffed peppers and custard dumplings and three veggies -- corn, asparagus, and green beans.  We really had a good time.  Last stop was Shopper's Drug Mart . . . and then I returned the van keys to Mom and she dropped me off at home.  I can retire my chauffeur's cap for a day or two.

I've been working on my Dreaded To Do List all evening and watching movies . . . Two Weeks Notice (I love Sandra Bullock) and Inglorious Basterds.  Nothing makes me laugh more than listening to Brad Pitt speak in a mountain twang except Brad Pitt speaking "Italian" with a mountain twang . . .

According to the Dreaded To Do List today is January 21st . . . that means I knocked off 2 days of to do's in one evening.  I wonder what the date will be by tomorrow evening??

I had 3 finishes tonight . . . 1pair of mitts and 2 scrapbook layouts.


Nighty Night

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