Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BoxON! 2013 - Ode to the 80's Mixed Tape: A Jammin Letterboxing Party

Congratulations to our hosts at Box ON! 2013.  We had an amazing time.

First find was Cecil Won the Race Kitchener ON  And then we got serious and started looking for the new boxes that were planted just for this meet up.  We teamed up with another family and found all 6 of the boxes in the 
1980's Bands Series Kitchener ON  One of them was especially tricky but we did it!

After a delicious picnic lunch at the pavillion in Huron Park we headed back into the woods to find all the 1980's Album Covers Kitchener ON  We were nearly tripped up by one set of clues but figured them all out just like any good seasoned letterboxing team would . . . LOL.

We moved on to Rockway Gardens to find our 300th box . . . Can-Am Merger Kitchener ON

Austin is holding our 300th box and Taylor says 3, Cameron says 0 and I say 0 . . . woo hoo . . .

By the time we found Greetings, Earthling Kitchener ON and Flutterby Kitchener ON, it was time to head to the Rum Runners Pub to meet up with everyone else who were attending, have dinner, do exchanges and win a few prizes. 

It was an amazing day.  I don't know how the volunteers (I don't know who they are) for 2014 are going to top this meet up.