Monday, August 13, 2012

Five Guys Burgers and Fries - product review

Spotted on a recent trip to Chapters in London was this interesting little restaurant.  I've never even heard of it before.  I'm glad I found it.  The menu is simple -- burgers, fries, hot dogs.  At the counter is a sheet with all the food available and another with all the condiments available.  You order your food and the cashier hollers to the cooks "5 patties and a dog".  When you pay for your order there is a number on your receipt.

You get your own pop and condiments.  They have Fresca.  I love Fresca.  You can refill your pop.  Are you starving?  There are peanuts to munch on while you wait.  But you won't wait long because it doesn't take long to cook fresh (not frozen) burgers.  You can actual watch the "show" while they make your lunch.  The burgers are wrapped in foil to keep them hot and put in a paper bag.  Next they put in your order of fries and then for fun they add some more . . . LOL.

When they call your number you just walk up and pick it up.

This is what a real hamburger should taste like.  Fresh and hot and perfectly cooked and perfectly "condimented".  The fries are hand cut and hot and crisp but soft inside.  Perfect.  My only complaint is there is too much food.  On this particular trip Staci and I each ordered a burger and we shared an order of small fries.  We tried but couldn't finish.

On a recent trip with my 3 grandsons and husband we ordered 4 single hamburgs, 1 hot dog, 1 large fries and . . . yep . . . leftovers.  The boys and Hal loved their lunch but I still haven't recovered from the shock of leftovers.  That just doesn't happen with these growing boys.

Now about the ambiance of the place.  It was very busy both times I've been but the staff doesn't seem to even break a sweat and customer service continues to be amazing.  The decor is cute if you like small tables and chairs placed very close together and lots of red and white and bags of potatoes piled up.  But that just seems to add to the fun.  Weird huh?

Try it out.  I think you'll like it.