Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up . . .

With this post I am finally caught up with posting to my blog once a day.  I hope you found at least some of my posts interesting. 

I haven't been working much on my Dreaded To Do List the past couple of weeks . . . mostly because the outside world has been keeping me rather busy. I spent a week on the road with Hal which I totally loved but it took a couple of days to recover from my adventures. I've been chauffeur for Mom a few times. I spent a day with Cameron and Taylor. Okay they are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.

Hal went back on the road after being home only 36 hours and we slept through most of it.  I've been a little bummed out about it.  But you have to make hay when the sun shines, as they say. 

I've been working on my list all day today.  I had a slow start this morning because (as I already mentioned) I was feeling bummed out.  But by mid-afternoon I hit my stride.  My apartment is all tidied up and I managed to make a dent in my crafts and some other projects, although no finishes yet.

I've recently begun writing to some old pen pals in hopes they will forgive me for ignoring them and want to renew our correspondence.  Several have already written back and that makes me very happy. 

I plan on being much more upbeat tomorrow and getting tons of things scratched off the Dreaded To Do List.  I'm embarrassed to say that as of this minute in my world it is February 17 . . . sigh . . .

Well good night all.