Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Food Food Food ~ You did WHAT to your mac & cheese?

I actually found recipes for mac & cheese with hot dogs.  This isn't so unusual to me.  I always threw some frozen peas or mixed veg in when the macaroni was cooking and then threw in the chopped up hot dogs a few minutes before the macaroni was done.  I guess I should check out some of the "fancy" recipes online . . . LOL. 

So there are also a pile of recipes online for mac & cheese ON hot dogs.  Seriously?  You need a recipe?  It's on the back of the box.

And then I found mac & cheese grilled cheese.  That's a lot of carbs!  And yes their are recipes online for many many many variations.  LOL.

Here are some fun facts about mac & cheese . . .

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