Sunday, November 29, 2020

Canadian Music ~ Amanda Stott

According to Wikipedia . . . 

Stott grew up on her family farm in rural Manitoba, her father was a saxophonist and pianist. She started singing in the church choir at Brandon Calvary Temple when she was just three years old. She first gained prominence as a country singer at the Dauphin Country Fest in 1994. In 1999, she signed with Warner Music Canada and her first self-titled album was released in 2000. This album prompted the single "Black Is Black" which quickly became a hit on country radio and television.  She was also nominated for a Juno Award for Best New Solo Artist.

After a few years away from the spotlight, Stott returned with a more adult pop sound and her first single, "Paper Rain", reached No. 1 on the Canadian Singles Chart. On March 8, 2005, her second album, Chasing the Sky, was released. It included "Paper Rain" and follow up singles "Homeless Heart" and "She'll Get Over It".

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