Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Popcorn and Aliens ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: Best Time

What was the best time you ever had, your favorite memory?

How can I possibly pick a single favourite memory? I have been very lucky and have many to choose from. Hal's birthday supper this past weekend with the kids, grandkids, and grandmothers was pretty darn awesome. So I guess my favourite memory is the most recent . . .

I managed 3 blog for January 30th:

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Birthday

National Popcorn Day

Escape Day

1933: Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg.

1948: Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

1957: The United Nations (UN) General Assembly calls on South Africa to reconsider its apartheid policies.

Vanessa Redgrave, actor (1937)

Gene Hackman, actor (1930)

Boris Spassky, chess player (1937)

January 30 – Feb 3, 2006 -- International Development Week (first week of February)
International Development Week highlights the contribution of Canadians to international development, and raises public awareness of this contribution’s importance to developing countries

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