Friday, February 8, 2013

Design Strategies for Scrapbookers

Many years ago I taught a 10 class program called Brain Freeze Rescue Kit by Jenna LaRose.  The idea of the program was to introduce design strategies and fixes for less-than-optimal scrapbooking layouts.  I actually taught this program several times and I don't think I am exaggerating to say that some of the most talented scrapbookers I know took these classes.  Each class was a new design concept, fun and games to reinforce the new concept and then a two-page layout to actually use the new concept.

Well it has been a FEW years since that time and I am starting to get hints that some of the locals would like to take these classes.  I pulled out the manual and quickly realized that the program is very dated now.  New ideas and new techniques and new products have popped onto the scene.  The basic program is still very good but it really needs an upgrade.

So now I am doing research . . . lots and lots of research.  And organizing my research.  And designing new layouts and games.  It is beginning to look like something brand new rather than a quick makeover of the original ideas.  In the original program we would talk about choosing a focal point photo.  In the extreme makeover edition we will be discussing using elements other than photos as focal points as well.  I am beginning to get very excited.

It will be a little while longer before this is a teachable class but I think it is going to be very exciting and I hope lots of you will be interested in signing up.  As I teach the classes and fine tune the information my hope is that at the end of the program I will have a publishable workbook.

This is just one of the many projects I am working on today . . . snow day . . .

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