Monday, January 8, 2018

Quilting finishes for December 2017

I think my youngest son and his new wife like their wedding present.  I picked up the blocks a couple of years ago when Mary Maxim opened in London.  It took quite a while to make and I enjoyed every moment . . . except for an incident with some mixed media which meant they didn't get their wedding gift until a month after the Big Day.

My sister sends me projects.  This particular project came as a BIG ziploc full of little blocks which I spent the past year piecing together.  Even my dear hubby got into the action by sandwiching and pinning the quilts, and tying them.  Apparently he quite enjoyed himself . . . calling the whole process relaxing.  Each member of my oldest son's family received one of the quilts.  I actually have enough left to make a lap quilt at some point in the future . . . or maybe pillows.

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