Thursday, October 30, 2014

Basketball and Betrayal


Today's Writing Prompt: Enemies

Have you ever had someone dislike you or try to harm you for no reason?

Yes, I actually have had that happen to me but because innocent people could be hurt if I posted the actual event I have to be very vague. Someone tried to take something from me that was very important to me. That person did not succeed.

I didn't post to my blog on January 15th and I didn't take any photos. I wonder what was going on? Aha . . . I was at a craft sale for the day. That explains things.

January 15, 1892 - James Naismith, from Almonte, Ontario, First publishes his 'Rules of Basketball' in the YMCA's Triangle magazine. Springfield, Massachusetts

Basketball is a very big deal in our family. Yes that is a basketball themed Christmas tree.

January 15

1892: Dr. James Naismith publishes The 13 rules of basketball.

Martin Luther King, Jr., clergyman and civil rights leader born (1929)

Gene Krupa, drummer (1909)

Lloyd Bridges, actor (1913)

1944: Canadian troops received copies of the Maple Leaf, the first regular newspaper published by the Canadian army during the war.

Elementary School Teacher’s Day
One good teacher outweighs a ton of books. – Chinese proverb
Create a personalized, handmade card to brighten the day of the teacher in your child’s life. Your child will love to help make this card extra special. Consider including a personal note telling the teacher how grateful you are for all of his/her efforts.
Donate a book to the school library in honour of your child’s teacher. Using your scrapbook supplies, create a personalized nameplate for the book.

It is Teachers’ Day, Dia Del Maestro, in Venezuela

Adults Day, or Seijin-no-hi, observed in Japan as a special day in tribute to young men and women who have reached adulthood; observed by families and organizations.