Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ladies' Day Out

Every Tuesday a group of ladies meet at the Grand Central Place's community room to spend time together.  Some of us our old friends and some are friends we've just met.  It is a wonderful day of chatter and crafting.  You never know who will be working on what -- quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, jig saw puzzling . . . whatever each wants to do.

Sometimes we go out for lunch, sometimes we have a communal lunch (usually accidentally) and sometimes we each bring our own lunch.  If it is your birthday week you supply lunch -- hot dogs and cake is acceptable but we also love pasta and roast beef and . . . well whatever . . . LOL . . .

It is so nice to have those 6 interrupted hours -- no kids, no washer and dryer, no distractions from the dust bunnies under the couch . . .

Yesterday I worked on a quilt until my fingers gave out and then I switched to knitting . . . and finished another mystery knit-along dishcloth (Jan. 15th mystery).


  1. Beautiful! I liked that one!

  2. Love it!! I did mine in Avocado green and thought it was good, but this color is even better!! What color is it? I think I have it, at least it looks like one that I have. I think I need to do another one in this color! LOL

    GREAT job!!

    God Bless,

  3. Thanks Shannon. Sorry, I've lost the label so I can't tell you what colour it is.