Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Food Food Food ~ Yams

I always have trouble remember the difference between rutabagas vs turnips . . . and sweet potatoes vs yams.

So here is what I learned from Healthline:

Sweet potatoes are a starchy root vegetable originating in Central or South America. There are two main varieties. They have a long shelf life and are usually sweeter and moister than regular potatoes.

True yams are an edible tuber originating in Africa and Asia. There are over 600 varieties, which vary widely in size. They are starchier and drier than sweet potatoes and rarely found in local grocery stores.

Why do I get so confused between these two tubers?

Confusion between sweet potatoes and yams arose when US producers began using the African term “nyami,” which translates to “yam,” to distinguish between different varieties of sweet potatoes.

Thank you, Healthline.

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