Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Craft Room Organization Challenge #1 Complete

I am very sorry for the delay in posting this week.  My only excuse is that I had way too much fun this weekend.  BUT . . . I did get my table scrubbed.  Surprisingly, it wasn't as paint and ink splattered as usual.  I guess my mixed media abilities are improving . . . LOL.

And then I reset my table with my sewing station and my paper crafting station.  Both can be cleared easily if I have company.  Only the absolute essentials are out -- cutting board, sewing notions, sewing machine for my sewing station and cutter, adhesives, and other essential small tools for my paper crafting station.  This leaves me lots of room to work, which is a good thing since I am over two years behind in scrapbooking and I am in the middle of repairing a quilt.

This would probably be a good time to look at your current furniture -- table, chairs, storage and lighting -- and determine if you have made the best choices.  

My table is 7' long and VERY solid which is perfect when company comes to crop and doesn't bounce or sag when I'm cutting fabric or using my sewing machine.  This table is perfect for the way I work -- multiple projects going at the same time.  You know your own needs best.  

I love hard-back chairs so the set of kitchen chairs in my studio are perfect for me.  Some of my friends prefer something a little softer so some of the chairs have cushions on them.  I also have a set of folding chairs and crop tables I can pull out if we need to spread out into the living room and dining room.

Lighting is huge for me.  I can't stand working in my own shadow.  I have a repositionable table lamp from Ikea with a bright white bulb in it which is perfect for close up work.  The lights in my ceiling are also bright white bulbs and the shade has been removed.  So much better for seeing true colours.  I have one big window in my studio with a light curtain on it so light comes in diffused and not harsh.  In the evening it is nice to open the curtains up.

I got a very lucky break in my storage.  The giant until on my back wall was picked up at auction for $20.  And I love it.  Almost all of my supplies for my many different hobbies are stored in there.  My paper is stored in bankers boxes under my table to protect them from light.  My post cards, letterboxing, genealogy, and stamp collection are on display in a single bookshelf by my desk.Works in progress are stored in bins on two white wire shoe racks I picked up at Walmart.  Christmas is stored in the closet.  There is a place for everything . . . and the purpose of this challenge for me is to make sure everything is back in the place it belongs.

Are you ready for the Second Challenge?  It's coming up in just a few minutes.

Are you happy with your current choices?  If not, this is probably the perfect time to make any changes.

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