Saturday, June 29, 2019

Day 2 of Our East Coast Trip . . . a LOT of driving . . . and a Wire Bridge!

Every night that we had decent internet service we posted a video about our next day schedule.  

On Day 2 we were leaving Cornwall ON and making the almost 800 km drive to Digdeguash NB.  It was a long day of mountainous roads and monotonous scenery.  By the end of Day 2 and we were starting to not like rocks and trees . . . and that is so not like us.

We were driving somewhere between Sherbrooke QC and Coburn Gore ME when we found this little gazebo in Notre-Dame-des-Bois QC.  With an altitude of 555 meters , Notre-Dame-des-Bois is one of the highest perched villages in Quebec. Built in 1877, it is named Notre-Dame-des-Bois in honor of the Virgin Mary. Lying against the foot of Mount Megantic and Mount St. Joseph, this village core is surrounded by a sea of ​​mountains ; from Marble Mountain to Saddle Mountain and Urban through the White Mountains, which form the borders of New Hampshire and Maine. 

If you stand facing the direction of each metal strip you were looking at the mountain stamped into the metal.  It may have been a dreary day but that didn't stop us from being enchanted by the gazebo and the town.

Important Hint:  Remember to add an hour to your clock when traveling from Eastern Standard Time to Atlantic Standard Time.  We had to call our motel to request late check in because we didn't realize this until we were half way through Maine.

In hindsight I would have traveled through Quebec rather than northern Maine.  Just my personal preference because there really wasn't much to see except the same scenery for hours, very few places to stop for a snack or bathroom break.  On a positive note, I can say I've been to Maine now.

My favourite thing about Maine was in New Portland ME . . . a Wire Bridge.  The New Portland Wire Bridge is a historic suspension bridge.  The bridge carries Wire Bridge Road across the Carrabassett River a short way north of the village center. Built in the mid-19th century, it is one of four 19th-century suspension bridges in the state. It is one lane wide, and has a weight limit of 3 tons. The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

We looked at it and weren't sure about actually driving across it even though Snow (my little Sonic) was light enough.  When I watched another vehicle cross the bridge I was glad I made that decision.  There was far too much rocking, bobbing, weaving of the bridge to suit my comfort.  It was even bouncy when we walked across it!

We finally made it to the Dominion Hill Country Inn in Digdeguash NB.  Because it is located in the country we assumed it would be rustic but comfortable.  We were really surprised when we arrived.  The inn is comprised of several cabins, a manor house, a community centre and so much more.  It was spotlessly clean and our hosts were absolutely charming.  This was definitely one of our favourite places to stay.  

Image result for dominion hill country inn

When we arrived . . . late, as I mentioned earlier . . . our host came out to meet us and gave us a tour of the property.  I asked about a coffee pot or microwave in our room because it had been a long day and I really needed a cup of tea.  Our host went into the kitchen and put together everything I could possibly need for that cup of tea, including a tea kettle, cups, and all the fixings.  

We had an amazing sleep.

After packing the car back up in the morning, we headed to the manor house for breakfast.  A really good selection of breakfast foods and the company of other guests made for a true family-style meal.  

This inn would be perfect for a quiet couples get-away.  One group of ladies were staying there for girl time and playing bridge.

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