Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Taste of Canada ~ Butter Tarts

I love butter tarts.

Butter tarts are a deliciously gooey Canadian treat.  The filling is generally made from butter, sugar, syrup and eggs and poured into a pastry shell to bake.  The recipe first appeared in the the early 1900s in the Royal Victoria Cookbook by The Women’s Auxiliary to the Royal Victoria Hospital (Barrie ON).  It was submitted by Mrs. Malcolm MacLeod.

Butter tarts have become so important to our culture that they are celebrated in many different ways. 

Tours have been planned around them, including the Kawartha Northumberland Butter Tart Tour and the Butter Tarts and Buggies Tour in Wellington County.  

Festivals have been planned around them such as Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival and Contest in Midland ON and the Butter Tart Festival in Muskoka Lakes ON.

Restaurants boast that they have the BEST butter tarts.  Now I have not tried every butter tart at every restaurant but my personal favourite is the bacon butter tarts made at Madelyn's Diner in Stratford ON.  The Spot Restaurant in Mount Forest makes a delicious tart as well.

Who do you think makes the best butter tart?

What is your favourite variation on the original?

Sadly, I have lost my favourite recipe.  Why don't you send me your favourite recipe to try?

Just curious . . . 

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