Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#*+@+#%^!! Roundabouts!!!

Despite the title of this blog, I actually love roundabouts.  They make sense to me.  They are safer than intersections.  Traffic flows smoother.

And that is why I don't understand the number of people I hear complaining about them.

I'm going to assume that "those" people just haven't taken a moment to figure them out.  Not that they actually require a lot of figuring out since there are lots of arrows and signs to assist you around.

And yet we watched someone absolutely crawl around the new roundabout at the bottom of Talbot Hill this morning like they were driving on eggshells.  Apparently my passenger watched someone drive around the roundabout in the wrong direction the other day.  Here's what is actually cool about that . . . no one ended up in an accident because they could actually see what was going on because it is a roundabout.

The City of St. Thomas has lots of resources on their web page to help you make sense of roundabouts . . . although the map they speak of is apparently missing (maybe it is something about my computer???).  Check it out

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