Sunday, September 18, 2016

Raisin Bran vs Bran Flakes

Good evening dear friends.

I spent the morning grocery shopping with Nanna. I guess she has her stamina back because we went through 3 stores this week. While we were at Freshco we enjoyed watching the kids at the new skate park.

I have given Nanna a new addiction . . . veggie chips. That was the first thing she grabbed when we walked into Freshco. And I got her to believe that Bran Flakes taste identical to Raisin Bran except it is $3 cheaper and she no longer has to pick out the raisins.

A quiet afternoon and evening at home with Hal. I actually did some cooking today . . . lunch and supper. Both recipes are excellent and I'll be posting them tomorrow if I get the chance. Tomorrow is going to be a little busy since I have to pack away some projects to make way for Sketch Club!!! Yep, we are back after our summer hiatus and I think the sketches are pretty cool.

I better get my beauty sleep. Good night dear friends.

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