Monday, August 15, 2016

A Day Out with Nanna

For those who may not have been lucky enough to meet her yet, this is my 99&2/3-year-old grandmother, referred to by one and all as Nanna . . . 

 . . . and various other relatives at a recent family function . . . LOL.

Nanna and I had a date to go shopping at Freshco on Sunday since our Saturday shopping trip ended early due to rain.  In Nanna's mind this actually means "let's make a few stops and one of them just might be Freshco."  So as we are pulling away from her place I mention that Hal is working over at the "kids'" house on the bathroom.  Guess where our first stop was?

When we arrived at our first destination, Greg came out to help her up the front steps and into the house.  The grandsons all gave her the required amount of fuss, hugs and kisses to make her happy and we sat down for a visit.  

Finally on the road again, we actually made it to Freshco . . . who did NOT have the one item she wanted to go there for.  A couple of weeks ago they had small containers of ice cream for $1 which were just perfect for her.  So now she had to buy 1 litre of ice cream!

When we got back in the car, she said she wanted to go for lunch but she wanted a REAL meal.  I dropped her groceries off at her place and put the ice cream in the freezer and off we went for a REAL meal.  Guess where I took her?  

Yep.  You are right.  Rail City Bistro.  We sat at a window table so we could watch the world go by.  Nanna ordered the braised beef on a bun with a salad.  I ordered the roasted veg panini and a bowl of tomato bisque.  When our order was delivered Nanna started eyeing my bowl of soup.  I had two big spoonfuls and then "graciously" traded her salad for my soup.  She really enjoyed her sandwich and soup and the leftovers were packed up for her supper.  

Did she want dessert?  Well she probably shouldn't since she couldn't finish her meal . . . so we ordered dessert.  I was so happy to find out there were a couple of slices of the cherry cheesecake left from the grand opening.  Nanna ate every bit of her cake . . . LOL.

Finally she decided it was time for her to go home.  Oh yeah . . . she paid for lunch!!!!

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