Wednesday, June 1, 2016

After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson

After the War is Over is the second of three books in a series by Jennifer Robson.  I blogged about the first book just a couple of days ago and you can see that post at

This time around the author focuses on Lilly's former governess and tutor, Charlotte Brown, who has been in love with Lilly's brother, Edward, since the very first time they met.  Edward is engaged.  And then he is at serving during WWI and engaged.  And then he comes home a different person.  And don't forget, there is also Edward's haughty titled family to overcome.  Do they ever find the right time for their love?  I guess you better read the book to find out.

It is obvious that the author puts a lot of time into research because details and events are so descriptive.  It is a captivating read and should be on your bedside table or in your beach bag.

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