Monday, August 10, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Avoidance

What are you avoiding?

Yeah . . . somedays are just like that . . . 

Things I avoid:

1.  Making phone calls (unless I am in the mood for a chat).  

If I just need information I don't want to be drawn into a huge conversation.  I've had days where a simple phone call has turned into a lost morning and me no wiser than I was before.  I also hate automated answering machines.  One day I called the same place about 6 times before I gave up and decided to live with the problem (whatever it was) all because I would press numbers and end up lost in the maze that is automation.  Email and chat is so much simpler.

2.  Humidity.

'Nuff said.

3.  Planning anything.

As soon as I finalize plans, get all excited and pay down the deposit you can guarantee hubby's work will manage to screw it up.  I think they have secretly hacked into my calendar and turned messing up my plans into a drinking game.

4.  People I don't like.

There aren't too many of them on my list.  But there are a few.  And they must be avoided because the alternative is that I may injure them and end up in jail.  So avoiding them is in my own best interests.

5.  Scales.

You know the chances are greatest that the numbers are not going to be good.