Tuesday, July 7, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Oops!

Have you ever forgotten a loved one's birthday or your anniversary? Has your significant other ever forgotten?

Many many many many years ago my sister and I nearly forgot our youngest sister's birthday.  So we put together a scathingly brilliant plan.  We dressed in hair curlers and housecoats and dressed our kids in their pyjamas.  We bought a day old cake and had the baker write Happy Bar Mitzvah Irving on it.  We wrapped up presents in old wrapping paper and newspaper.  The presents were things like rolls of toilet paper and half empty box of chocolates.  And we all marched into her place of employment . . . 

It still makes me giggle when I remember.

2017 Craft Space Organization Challenge Take 2 ~ Challenge #7

So how did you make out with Challenge #6.  I'm not a huge fibre user on my pages so I was pretty sure this was an easy challenge for me...