Saturday, June 13, 2015

Book Review: The Secret Speech

Front Cover

I didn't read the first book by Tom Rob Smith which introduced the main character of The Secret Speech, Leo Demidov.  I don't think it matters so much except that some of the reviews I read suggest Child 44 was a better book than The Secret Speech.  Since I haven't read the first book I can't compare them and I don't see that as a problem really.

The book is based in post war Russia and involves murder and mayhem, action and adventure . . . and the attempt by Demidov to atone for his past as a security officer and torturer for the former Soviet state.  This may be considered a thriller or action adventure book by many but I think it is an historical novel because the author is writing about a real time and place in history and only some of the characters are fiction.

It is a thrilling read and I recommend it highly.