Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Backus-Page House, Wallacetown ON

As I've mentioned before, we did not get out to letterbox often in 2014, something that has made me very sad indeed.

But we did spend a May afternoon at the John E. Pearce Provincial Park.  We followed the clues as we deciphered them . . . 

. . . but we were totally in the wrong place.  We did get a nice view and found these mill stones.  

We started again at the Backus-Page House itself and quickly realized we were going in the right direction, thank goodness.

We even managed to find the letterbox we were searching for, Happy Halloween??.  We also determined that on a not so damp day we were going to return to visit the House and finish walking the trails.  That hasn't happened yet . . . BUT . . . we do have tickets for the The Road to Culloden in May 2015.