Thursday, December 4, 2014

Paper Piecings that begin with B


Baby Ball

Baby Bib

Baby Bottle #1

Baby Bottle #2

Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy and Teddy Bear

Baby in Balloon

Baby in Blanket

Baby in High Chair

Baby on the Moon

Baby Rattle #1

Baby Rattle #2

Baby Rattle #3

Baby Shoe

Back Pack


Balloon Border

Balloon Cluster

Balloon Family

Balloon with Cake

Balloon with Horn

Balloon with Present

Barber Pole

Baseball and Bat

Baseball Cap

Baseball Equipment #1

Baseball Player


Basketball and Hoop

Basketball Boy

Basketball Bunny

Bat and Moon

Beach Ball

Beach Cat


Bear Hugging Balloon

Bear in Wagon

Bear Sitting with Balloons

Bear Sleeping on the Moon

Bear with Balloons

Bear with Bib

Bear with Bow

Bear with Eye Patch

Bear with Heart on Shirt

Bear with Hearts

Bear with Star

Bear with Heart

Bear with Wagon of Hearts

Bedbug Baby

Bedbug Pointing

Bedbug with Teddy

Bee #1

Bee #2

Bee #3

Bee #4

Bee and Daisy #1

Bee and Daisy #2

Bee in Flower Pot

Bee in Hive

Bee on Cloud

Bee Sitting in Jar

Bee with Banner

Bee with Bonnet

Bee with Butterfly

Bee with Candy Cane

Bee with Flower

Bee with Heart

Bee with Holly

Bee with Merry Christmas

Beer Stein

Bees with Sign


Big Ben



Bird and Cage


Birdhouse, Large

Birdhouse, Small

Birthday Boy

Birthday Cake #1

Birthday Cake #2

Birthday Girl


Bookworm with A

Bookworm with B

Bookworm with C

Bookworm with Book

Bookworm with Chalkboard

Bookworm with Globe

Bookworm with Lunch Pail

Bookworm with Pencil

Bookworm with Star

Bookworms with Apple


Bows Border

Bows, Raffia

Boy and Dog Fishing

Boy Bear

Boy Eating Cereal

Boy Fishing #1

Boy Fishing #2

Boy Fishing #3

Boy Reading

British Telephone Booth


Bucket Loader

Bug Jar

Bug Sitting on Flower

Bug Smiling

Bug Snorkeling

Bug with Crayon

Bug with Glasses

Bug with Leaves

Bug with Paint Brush

Bug with Paint Bucket

Bunny #1

Bunny #2

Bunny in Half an Egg

Bunny in Watering Can

Bunny Napping

Bunny Slippers

Bunny with Bow

Bunny with Carrot

Bunny with Heart Lollipop

Bunny with Vest

Bushel of Apples

Butterflies with Pencil

Butterfly #1

Butterfly #2

Butterfly #3

Butterfly on Paint Brush

Butterfly Side View

Butterfly with Banner

Butterfly with Scissors

Butterfly with Smile Bag