Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some days . . . you just have to push through . . .

Some days I just feel like I don't want to do a darn thing.  

Usually this happens at a time when it is impossible to take a day off . . . like two weeks before Christmas.  I have gifts to make, a house to decorate, shopping to do, Christmas cards to make (although it may already be too late for that).  Plus everything non-Christmassy that I need to accomplish like a hair cut, clean my house, plan classes, take classes, read, work My Dreaded To Do List . . . and on and on and on . . . 

And we have places to go and people to visit.

Having a busy schedule generally makes me happy. I don't like not having something to do (do you love the double negative?).  In fact, I drive my dear hubby crazy because if we are watching a show I either have a project in my hands like knitting or I jump up at every commercial to do something.

I have overbooked myself.  I think that is the problem.  But as I look at my list I can't see anything I want to cut out of it.

So I guess I better just push through this feeling because I know it will make me happy to get things done . . . if I can push myself away from this computer and get my butt out of this chair.

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