Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blingo Bingo Fundraiser

Truth be told, I was in a lousy mood, cranky and tired, when I checked my Facebook and realized there was a fundraiser for my grandsons basketball teams in the evening.  I really didn't want to go.  I was feeling very antisocial after a long and stressful day.  But it was for my "boys" . . . so I went.

I met up with Cailyn at the event, which was hosted by my daughter-in-law, Kate.  It was a bingo party but the prizes were Lia Sophia Jewellery!!

The bingo games were a lot of fun and and I could actually feel the headache leaving and my mood improving as the evening progressed.  That really surprised me.

I don't usually win much but managed to score to awesome prizes, a candle set which is now in the centre of my dining room table and a pair of gorgeous earrings which I've been wearing a lot.

Cailyn won several prizes so when Kate encouraged everyone to enter the last two draws, Cailyn didn't want to.  I put her name in for the draws . . . yikes . . . and she won both of them.  I don't think she was too happy with me . . . but she had to love all the great prizes she won.  It was just an embarrassment of riches.

I've booked a Lia Sophia party for later this fall.  Part of the proceeds of that party will also be going to the London CYO basketball teams.

And I am hoping to book a Blingo Bingo fundraiser for our Pink Scrapper Relay for Life Team in the new year.