Sunday, June 2, 2013

The IT'S TOO MUCH rant

When did restaurants start serving meals on platters?  I don't remember when it started.  It just seems to have been a gradual thing.  So gradual that I didn't really notice until it was too late.

I've been to three different restaurants in the past few weeks and each time I was served my meal on a platter.  The prices were good, the food was good . . . but most of it was going home to live in my fridge or returning to the restaurant kitchen.  And that really annoys me to know all that food is going to be thrown out.

We were at Features of Stratford, which has painted on the window that they serve the best breakfast in town.  I ordered Eggs Benedict and Hal ordered a burger and fries.  Both meals came on platters.  My meal consisted of 2 pieces of french toast, 2 slices of peameal bacon, 4 poached eggs and a lot of hollandaise sauce.  The price was $9.79.  Hal's hamburger and fries also came out on a platter.  The burger was massive and the rest of the plate was heaped with fries for $8.99.  I had coffee which was awful that cost me $1.99 and Hal's Pepsi cost $2.79.  If I was a lumberjack I would be so pleased with all the food and the reasonable price.  My eggs tasted pretty good.  Hal didn't really enjoy his burger and took two of my eggs.

At Boston Pizza we have learned to order one salad, one entree and one dessert and extra plates.

We just tried Wimpy's Diner for the first time this past week because we'd heard pretty mixed reviews about it but we figured they would have all the kinks worked out by now.  Once again the meals were massive and served on huge platters.  Hal had the hot roast beef and half the cow went back to the kitchen.  He said it was quite delicious, just way too much food.   I had the chicken souvlaki.  Also on a platter.  There was enough salad on the plate for a family of 4, a huge bed of rice (which by the way was perfectly cooked) and tons of chicken.  The prices were quite reasonable.  The beef dinner was $11.99 and the chicken was $13.99.  The service was adequate.  There was a little too much fun happening in the kitchen which can be distracting because it makes you wonder what is so funny . . . what are they doing to the food . . . and other crazy thoughts . . . Most of the salad and rice went back to the kitchen.  I ate all the chicken first . . . LOL.

And we wonder why obesity has become such a huge problem in our culture.  If we have expectations of huge meals as normal how can we not become obese?  Perhaps if we went back to reasonable sized meals, the prices could be lowered and more families could afford to go out for supper once in a while.

So we won't be going back to Features because it wasn't as good as they claimed they were.  And next time we go to Wimpy's it will be one meal and two plates for us, thank you.