Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Online Crop on Wednesday . . .

Online crop tomorrow!!!!!

Okay for all you newbies to online cropping, here is how it is done . . . you need to join a yahoo group http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/crafting_made_simple/ 

Despite the fact I'm a computer idiot, if you have trouble joining I will try and help but it must be simple because I was able to do it. Starting at 9:55 am Wednesday the group will be posting some great challenges using sketches, math, embellishments, colours and I forget what all else . . . LOL . . .

Do as many challenges as you want. There is no winner here and no time limits . . . just the satisfaction of getting a little scrapping done.

Visitors are welcome in my studio. I may still be in my pyjamas and I don't guarantee that I will be wearing any foundation garments. My house may or may not be clean. Lunch is grilled cheese. I'm looking soooooo forward to some not-so-serious scrapbooking.


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