Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Book Review: The Young Male's Marriage Primer

If I tell you that this book is very obviously written by a Canadian, please realize I mean this as a compliment.  Canadian humour is . . . well . . . honest and surprising.  Larry Danby is a resident of rural Southwestern Ontario and he has obviously taken a few minutes to work out all the difficulties that young men will face in marriage.  By day he is just an average guy running a lucrative at-home woodworking business.  By night he becomes Dr. Murray Dick, amateur marriage doctor.  His office is at the local sports bar.  In fact the doctor has used many of the denizens of the sports bar to test his tried and true theories.  Dr. Dick is ably assisted by his brother-in-law Wally, an out-of-work master plumber who dabbles in psychiatry.

I believe the doctor's greatest moment is teaching his students how to communicate with a wife with a minimal amount of listening.  My favourite moment is his discussion of the no-touching rule in ladies lingerie stores.  And don't miss the story of Agnes, the Canada Goose.  Be prepared to giggle often and laugh out loud frequently.

I think I need to read this one again.  I know it will be even funnier the second time around.

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