Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love my new Ikea furniture . . .

What an adventure!!  We left early in the morning to go shopping at Ikea for NEW living room furniture.  We were finally getting rid of all the hand-me-downs.  Cameron skipped out of school for the day because, as he told Grandpa, he had to make sure that they could fit together in any furniture bought.  I think Cameron's favourite part of visiting us is curling up in a big chair with Grandpa to watch Spiderman cartoons.

I had been arguing for months that I needed colour in the room and Hal assured me we were going for neutrals.  I gave up the fight after realizing that the living room really is Hal's room.  I spend most of my time in my lovely giant crop room.

It took a lot of testing and discussion but we finally picked a couch (converts to bed), extra cushions, a set of pots and pans, a new salad spinner, a chair and ottoman.  As they came from Ikea, you already know they were disassembled in multiple boxes.  We had to go to a different warehouse to pick up the couch.  

When we got to the warehouse we very quickly realized all these pieces were not going to fit into the van.  I kind of thought that might happen so I'd already looked into the price of shipping.  But Hal was determined everything was coming home with us that day.  Ikea even gives you rope to tie your purchases to your roof rack.  Ummmm . . . the rope broke while we were tying the boxes down.   And let me just say, putting that many boxes on top of a van is not fun.  Just sayin'.  Next stop, Canadian Tire for really good rope.  There was no way we were trusting our new furniture to the Ikea rope for a 2 hour trip down the 401.

Everything made it home safe and sound.   Then came the job of putting everything together.  Thank goodness it was all very simple.  Cameron had no trouble at all.  Grandpa Hal did help a bit.

Want to see our new furniture?

Yup . . . it's red!!!!!!