Thursday, June 28, 2012

The case of the missing jewelry

I'm in a story-telling sort of mood right now . . . so I thought I would tell you the story of the missing jewelry.

About 2-1/2 years ago my rings went missing.  I often took them off and set them someplace safe when I was working with cleaners.  The problem this time was that a day or two later I realized I wasn't wearing them and I started searching the house for them.  I tore every shelf and cupboard and drawer apart and couldn't find them anywhere.

Apparently, in the back of his mind, Hal must have recalled seeing the rings but couldn't remember where or under what circumstances.  After a while Hal thought he remembered seeing them.  A few months later he thought he might have put them in an envelope because he thought he would take them to the jeweler for a cleaning to surprise me.  A few months after that he began to worry that they had been thrown out.  I was really mad with him because he had lost my rings.  I threatened that he was going to have to buy me newer, bigger, better rings.  And since the rings were bought almost 30 years ago he was going to have some serious price sticker shock.

And so he promised me that once he was established in his new job we would start ring shopping.  He felt terrible for losing my rings.

During the last week of January this year we moved from our one bedroom apartment into a much larger two bedroom apartment across the hall.  It was a fairly easy move.  We just emptied closets and cupboards, walked across the hall and unpacked again.  Terry, Mom, Hal and I were were bringing over all the kitchen "stuff" one day and some of the dishes (you know the ones that are fancy and you don't use often) needed dusting before being put in their new home.  Can you tell we didn't entertain much in our little apartment?  Mom was busy dusting each little fancy plate and putting them away when she got very excited and called for me.  I come running into the kitchen and there were my rings, hiding between two fancy plates.  I cried.  Mom cried.  Hal heard us crying and came a'runnin'.  I made Hal put my rings back on my hands after 2 years missing.  It was kind of hysterically funny.

So I don't know where Hal got his false memory from but am I ever glad he talked me into moving into the bigger apartment!!  LOL

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