Thursday, April 12, 2012

Austin was in a tournament at the Hoopdome in Toronto December 10.  Hal was coming home after a run on the 10th.  Tim actually had a weekend off.  We all met at the Holiday in Express near the Hoopdome.  I'd almost forgotten just how much fun my family is when they are all together.

We talked and laughed, played cribbage, ate all Hal's leftover groceries from his trip, watched TV, drank wine, picked up pizza and had a great time.

C'mon people . . . I'm old . . . I need sleep . . . LOL!!

Tim thinks he's the Hulk!?

I brought the wine and the cribbage board.  Hal brought in all his leftovers.

Cameron sure knows how to tell a story.

Where's Cameron?

Hal lookin' all cool in his jammies and shades . . . 

Krystel and Tim shared a room with us.