Friday, March 23, 2012

Sometimes I like to be alone . . .

. . . and sometimes being alone is more than I can tolerate.  This feeling has taken on more power now that I am alone so much since Hal became a truck driver.  I didn't think it would bother me so much.  In fact, in the beginning, I loved it when he was gone.  Of course, for two years we were rarely apart until we could barely stand it any more.  So the short separations were great.  It's been a year and a half since he started driving and the whole too much together time thing is forgotten.  I miss spending time with him . . . some days . . .

Most days I fill with all kinds of interesting projects, especially scrapbooking, reading and working on my genealogy.  I enjoy taking care of Hal when he's home, pampering him, spending time with him, planning adventures . . . Once or twice a week I get out with friends at Ladies' Day Out, shopping trips with my mom . . . I have a good life.

Today was one of those days when I just couldn't stand to be alone in our apartment.  So out I went.  I took the bus to the WalMart shopping centre.  I started out in Staples, which I've only been in once since it opened.  I wandered the aisles until a sales person asked me if I required assistance.  "I'm just shopping.  Who knows what I'll find."  I found some printer paper.

Next stop was the dollar store.  Once again I wandered the aisles looking for things I might need or want.  You may be very concerned about me at this point because I usually hate to shop.  I'm usually the girl with the list and in and out of the store.  I picked up some stationery supplies, a cool magnifying sheet which I bet will be very helpful when I'm reading original documents printed off of, more foil containers for packing Hal's meals in.  I bragged to a friend that I bought no scrapbooking supplies.  I lied.  As I'm unpacking my shopping bags I pulled out two packages of buttons and two packages of flowers from the bridal section.  I picked up a book on the history of blogging.  I'm kind of interested in reading about blogging and blogging itself.

I was going to head to WalMart because I needed to get cash back and some change to take the bus home . . . but I realized I didn't want to go home yet.  Instead I went to Akita Sushi, ordered some of my favourite items -- butterfly cheese, rainbow rolls, bbq eel don -- and cracked open the blogging book.  I was probably there over an hour, probably closer to two hours and really relaxed and enjoyed myself.  The book was interesting.  I'm sure I'll be reviewing it soon.  And of course the food was fabulous.  The last thing I ordered was fried banana and red bean ice cream.  I don't think I'll ever worry about going to a restaurant alone again.  I really enjoyed myself; surrounded by people but I could just watch without having to engage.

Next stop, Walmart.  I was planning on picking up some salad fixings and heading for home on the bus but I found the perfect thing to hide in Hal's luggage just before Easter.  Can't tell you what it is because you might tell Hal, but I will definitely share a photo after he's been surprised.  This will top the dancing gorilla singing "I Can't Get Enough of You Baby" that Hal and Cameron gave me one Valentines Day.  My cell phone, which I remembered to top up (it's pay as you go), rang and Mom offered me a ride home.  Since I wouldn't be on the bus I added some more items to my cart including potatoes and a couple of cases of Hal's favourite bottled water (on sale of course).

I came home recharged and in a great mood.  My apartment is fit for visitors again.  All my purchases have been put away.  I made an (I think) adorable skateboard paper piecing and did some more work on my family tree.  I downloaded The Hunger Games to my Kobo for about a buck and a half with a promotion code.  I've already read the first 8 chapters already.  It's a pretty simple read and the characters don't seem to have a lot of depth but it's interesting.  I did all the paperwork to renew my passport.  I watched "Who Do You Think You Are?" about Helen Hunt.  It was very interesting.  I wish Ancestry and Lisa Kudrow would offer to do my family tree . . . LOL . . . And I've signed up for some free classes and an online crop with Big Picture Scrapbooking.

I'm so glad I decided not to sit at home today and wallow in my sadness or loneliness or moodiness or whatever you want to call it . . . sometimes you just have to give yourself a push and that can be enough.

Hal will be home Sunday.