Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sometimes its a bunch of little things that make up a great day.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus . . . 

1.  Had a great sleep.
2.  The fire alarm went off in the building.  I figured I better get dressed and put my coat and shoes by the patio door . . . just in case.  Turns out it was a test.  Made me wonder what I would have grabbed if it had been a real fire.  Decided it would be my purse (for ID) and my external hard drive so I wouldn't lose all my photos.
3.  Finished a pile of chores.  My Dreaded To Do List is up to September 7th.
4.  I'm starting to get online orders for my paper piecings.  That's pretty exciting.
5.  One of my books is now on Barnes & Noble.  It was accepted by iTunes a few weeks ago.  I hope my writing career takes off.  I love writing.  I would love it more if I made a living at it.
6.  Had a couple of lovely conversations with Hal who is out west somewhere right now.  He told me not to watch the Weather Network.
7.  Received a couple of lovely letters in the mail.  I should make some time this week to reply.
8.  I got some test results back today and I definitely do not have cancer.  I didn't realize how much I was worrying about it until I felt the absolute relief when I received this news.
9.  I made a lovely spaghetti dinner with chicken and veggies.

1.  I have a paper cut.

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