Sunday, December 1, 2019

Christmas Movie Review: The Dog Who Saved Christmas (2009)

The Dog Who Saved Christmas is cute . . . very very cute.  Not that this is a bad thing especially when you are watching a Christmas movie.  Zeus is a police dog who screwed up and caused his human partner to become injured which would keep him from firing a gun straight for the rest of his life.  Because of his guilt, poor old Zeus ends up unable to bark and in a city pound.

One day in walks George Bannister, looking for an early Christmas present and home security dog.  George's wife isn't so happy when Zeus and George come home but the kids are thrilled.

While the Bannisters are away visiting Grandma burglars hit their home.  Zeus gets past his guilt and pain, learns to bark and (a la Home Alone) saves the day.

Cute.  Oh yeah, Zeus can talk but only other animals and I can hear him.  Listen close.  You may be able to hear him speak too.

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