Friday, July 1, 2011

I've been scrapbooking . . .

 Believe it or not, I am still scrapbooking photos from March 2009.   These photos were taken at the Royal Ontario Museum.  That was an awesome day.  One day I am going to go there with only Hal so I can start at the top floor as soon as they open and hopefully see everything before they can kick me out when they close.  It is such a fascinating place. 

I scrapbook 8.5 x 11" for my Red Hats album.  These photos are from our Valentines party and the embellishments are from a page kit swap.  Aren't they cute?  I really miss being in a Red Hat group but my first group forgot all about my 50th birthday, which is huge in Red Hat World and was kinda important In My World as well.  The group I joined last year imploded from politics.  So no more Red Hats for me, at least for now.

Hal, the grandkids and I shared one of our favourite places with some friends during March Break 2009 -- viewing the Tundra Swans near the Aylmer Police College.  I roll my eyes when I see cars full of people pull up to the first viewing stand, get out, climb into the viewing stand, take a couple of photos and leave.  We check out all the viewing stands including the one near the back of the property.  It's a nice little hike ending at a tall open viewing stand, a big hill to climb up and conquer . . . and a letterbox nearby.

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