Friday, April 22, 2011

Toronto Letterboxing

On Good Friday Tim wanted us to come to Toronto for a visit and I wanted to get back to High Park to find more letterboxes . . . so we compromised . . .

We found Edith Prickley while we were waiting for Tim to call to say he was ready.  It was a nice easy find and I love the stamp.

We picked up Tim and headed out for brunch.  Tim always seems to know where to find a good breakfast.

We headed back to High Park for some more letterboxing.  Our next finds were On the GO in TO Series:  Go Bus and On the GO in TO Series:  Go Train .   We had to wait a while to find the Bus because kids were playing right where we wanted to be.  Hal and Tim got the interesting idea that we could find the Train by NOT following the clues.  They were wrong.  But we found it anyway . . . LOL

Our last stop of the day was But They're Starving in Burlington.  It was getting cold and rainy but I'm glad we stopped.

We tried to find the Hitchiker Hostel in Burlington but it was buried in sand and unreachable.  We'll try again next time we are in the area.

By this time it was really raining and getting dark so we reluctantly gave up and headed home.  It was another great day.

See ya