Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I love Ladies Day Out

One of my favourite things to do is going to Ladies Day Out.  We book the community room at the Grand Central Apartments every Tuesday from 10 - 4.  Each person brings whatever they want to work on and it is amazing how much you accomplish when you aren't distracted by the phone and the pile of laundry and all that boring "stuff".  You just never know what each person will be working on each week.  I've seen everything from hemming slacks to jig saw puzzles, genealogy to scrapbooking, knitting to making party favours.  Some ladies just stop in to visit.  There is a nice kitchen and we always have coffee and tea on.  All we ask is that everyone make a small donation to the coffee fund.  Everyone brings their own lunch although it is not surprising when someone brings in treats.  Mom brought in hot dogs, Deb brought a cake, and Cailyn brought cupcakes today.  For 6 whole hours all we have to do is whatever we want . . . work on our projects, chat, snack, relax . . . whatever makes us happy.   Up to 6 whole hours . . . doesn't that sound just like a piece of heaven?

Now you know why I love Ladies Day Out so much.

I only have one layout to share today.

It has been a lovely day and according to my Dreaded To Do List it is now December 9th.

See ya

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