Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm going to have to hurry if I want to get this posted before midnight . . .

It's been over a week and I am still keeping all my resolutions.  Yeah for me!

I think the late night book reading may have been the cause of my fuzziness.  I put down my book, For Whom the Bell Tolls, as soon as I got sleepy last night and had a great night sleep.  I'm feeling so good today that I was able to accomplish a lot on my Dreaded To Do List. 

Besides tidying the house I spent several hours on my second manuscript, which I have decided to give the working title "Sketch Book".  I spent a couple of hours working on my family tree.  I had to pull out another table to set up my family tree project.  Yep, I'm back to projects pulled out all over the place.  I love it.

I even spent some time working on my tablecloth.

 I just cranked the tunes all day . . . my excuse was that I was testing the cd's to make sure they still worked and of course I dusted them while I was at it.  I listened to everything from Piano Promenade  to Across the Universe and sang along whether I knew the words or not.

I also completed 6 scrapbooking layouts today.

Karaoke Night - January 2009
This is the page kit I made for our recent black and white swap

This was a quick layout since it was made a long time ago.  I finally have the perfect photo to put on it.  Hal and I dressed up as Super Grandma and Super Grandpa and went out trick or treating - 2009

We stopped at several friends homes to trick or treat.  This is another premade layout, actually a class sample, that just needed some photos to finish it off.

This is 100% new today.  I've been holding on to this patterned paper for quite a while waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. 
Had a quick call from Hal tonight.  They are back in Northern Ontario and he says the weather has been bad everywhere.  Good thing Hal likes bad weather.  I think in another life he must have been a tornado chaser.

Some very exciting news today.  My oldest son coaches a CYO boys basketball team in London and my oldest grandson plays on the team.  They played in a tournament in London this weekend.  You may recall that I posted some photos yesterday.  Anyway . . . THEY WON!!!!!!!!

Well its almost midnight and I want to have another early night so I can be just as productive tomorrow.  Nighty night.


p.s. It is December 7th according to the Dreaded To Do List . . . not bad . . . finished off 1 week of chores in 1 day.