Monday, November 15, 2010

Trekking in Toronto . . .

Hal had a short layover in Toronto on November 7 so I drove up to spend some time with him . . . letterboxing of course.  Our first find was Spirit of the Forest


We then picked up my son and took him out to breakfast in a little place near Pape Street to celebrate.  Tim always knows how to find an inexpensive breakfast restaurant wherever he lives.  You could tell he was a regular when the staff were all calling him "hon" and they gave him a huge slab of apple pie and ice cream complimentary for his birthday "cake".  We dropped Tim off at work which just happened to be very near High Park.

Follow the Dream.

On the GO in TO Series:  Where the Streets Have Many Names.

Ontario Stock Yards.

We had a tricky time finding Grenadier Pond.  Hal had to "accidentally" drop his walking stick a couple of times to locate it . . . LOL . . .

We warmed up with a snack in the Grenadier Restaurant and then I dropped Hal off at work and made the long drive home. 

I love letterboxing!  What a great way to spend some time together.