Monday, August 9, 2010

Letterboxing in Pinafore Park

I like to keep up the maintenance on our letterbox plants but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I aim for early spring, mid-summer, and early fall to check them out.

Pinafore Park, on the south side of St. Thomas, offers a wildlife sanctuary, baseball and tennis facilities, flower gardens, picnic shelters, play areas and more. The park also offers a small lake and splash pad. The park hosts many events and live music throughout the year.  It is a fabulous place to take a picnic and spend some time.  We have four series of boxes planted in or near this park.  

We took a friend along with us while we checked out the boxes in Pinafore Park.  Most were in great shape but 2 have gone missing.  Don't know how we lost the one box but the other probably fell victim to park staff when they were trimming bushes.  We've decided to retire one; but Memory Garden #1 - by the Sea will be re-carved and planted in a safer location as soon as I can.

Memory Garden #2 - To the Sea

Stormy Weather - We have slightly modified the clues to make them a little clearer.  This box contains a store bought stamp but it is a very special one -- the first one our youngest grandson picked when we began letterboxing.

Walk in the Woods #1 - The Lass

Walk in the Woods #2 - At the Opera

Walk in the Woods #3 - The Sailor has gone missing so we are going to retire it.  The log it was hidden in has completely deteriorated.

Walk in the Woods #4 - Peace Tree

Walk in the Woods #5 - The Hand Reaching Out

Walk in the Woods #6 - On the Stage

Walk in the Woods #7 - Saturday in the Park

Heritage Trees:  Cemetery Series - Sunday Brunch, London Plane Tree, Black Maple, White Oak, and Siberian Elm  Black Maple has gone missing, probably a victim of recent heavy rainfalls.  We will be re-carving and re-planting as soon as possible.  Because of the rain we have noticed that some of our clues have been obscured so we've added an extra hint to Sunday Brunch and alternate clues for Siberian Elm.

We have not checked out Heritage Trees:  Parkview Series yet.  We'll let you know how they are doing as soon as we do.

See ya on the trail,

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