Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Review of Mackie's in Port Stanley, ON

I finally made my first journey to Mackies'  in 2010.  Cameron took us out for lunch.  Here he is getting ready to go.

Mackies' food is hot and fresh and service is amazingly quick, especially considering the lineups that exist from May to September.  But there really isn't anything special about it . . . it's just good.  What really cracks me up is that we buy this food so we have something to put all the fabulous condiments on . . . mustard slaw, Mackie's sauce, onions for the hot dogs . . . Mackie's sauce, malt vinegar and salt for the fries.  And, of course, an Orangeade to wash it all down.

We went out to the beach after lunch and Hal & Cameron noticed the sea gulls all lined up along the edge of Mackies' roof like Toronto riot police . . .

. . . and then they all took flight at once.  I stood in fear as I heard plops hitting the ground all around me . . . I didn't get even one plop on me, thank goodness.