Monday, May 3, 2010

Our first letterboxing trip to the Niagara Region

. . . and we are off at 11:30 . . . we took Hwy 3 and headed east . . . did you know it is against the law to go past Courtland Bakery without buying something . . .

We stopped to say "hi" to Muddy the Mudcat in Dunnville . . . "I caught a fish and it was THIS BIG!!!!!!"

Our first letterbox was hidden in Morgan's Point Conservation Area . . . what a beautiful trail system.'s_Point__Conservation_Area

We had to wait for a BIG ship to pass under the bridge on the Welland Canal. Next stop was in Fort Erie for Alma Mater - Niagara Christian College. The location was great and there is an awesome bridge there.

I didn't take a photo when we found our third letterbox, Grandpa's Tools, in an old church cemetery near Stevensville. And we also found a "hitch hiker" in the box.

And then on to another cemetery near Welland for another letterbox, The Little Men to Paul Bunyan.
We drove under the Welland Canal twice in a search for supper.

We discovered Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls. What a beautiful place to visit. The letterbox was amazing, Circus Canada, and we also picked up a flea.

It was getting too dark to letterbox anymore so we figured we'd better find the QEW and head for home. If Hal didn't have to work the next day I bet I could have talked him into visiting the Niagara Screaming Tunnel at midnight. We arrived home at 10:30 pm but we will be back to search for the 20 or so boxes still hiding from us in the Niagara area.